Winter life in villages of Bangladesh 

Winter life of Bangladesh has totally two dimensions, one is urban life and another is rural life. The rural people enjoyed this time much more than urban people. They spend their time under sun, they make PITA (local deserts of Bangladesh) and they do a lot of things in this time 

Foot over bridge shopkeepers at night 

Shopkeeper of Dhaka 

In Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh of thousands of different things happening every moment.

These things are really very different, to some these are very interesting and to some it’s very irritating.

Like this shopkeeper, he sells some very small and usefull households. It’s a very hard work for him to sit the whole day and some moments at night in strong sunny day, heavy rain and in strong winter.

But for many people they are very useful. They buy their necessary things from this kind of shops and become happy, but they never think about these people.

This dhaka and maybe most of the city.

A Rainy Day in Dhaka

A Rainy Day of Dhaka
A Rainy Day of Dhaka

Dhaka is one of the hottest city of Bangladesh. Rain is a blessing for Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

Everyone enjoys this blessing, even animals enjoys this time a lot.

But for this enjoyment people of Dhaka has to fight with many things like sudden flood, traffic jam,  drain water leakage, crisis of local transport and many more.

But still people enjoys this time.

A Man with Butterfly Eyes

A Man with Butterfly Eye
A Man with Butterfly Eye

People used to say eyes speaks more than mouth and it never tells lie.

But this special organ of human body can look different in different time and different space, Like it is very straight in daylight but pretty dramatic at night.

And if you cover it by a wonderful human creation sunglass it can protect your eyes not only by the sun but also speaking a lot of thing in public